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You Got a Lotta Nerve!

Your nerves are your body’s main channel of communication, controlling and coordinating every bodily function. A huge number of your nerves pass through your spine as they branch off between your vertebrae to carry their messages out to the body and back to your brain.

Although you might think it would take a traumatic event, even regular everyday activities can cause your vertebrae to move out of alignment. When they do, they can press on the nerves that extend out of your spine and not only cause pain, but also interfere with the function of body parts at the OTHER end of the affected nerve. So – taking proper care of your spine can mean a healthier whole body.

Your Body in Balance

Your body is smart enough to know when something isn’t working right and needs adjusting. That’s where chiropractic care can make a big difference.

A chiropractic adjustment restores normal alignment to the vertebrae, allowing your nerves to function properly and your body to respond appropriately.

We believe that, given the freedom, the body is able to heal itself. The Directional Non-Force Technique (DNFT™) Dr. Shelley chooses to practice is gentle, specific, and corrects misalignments of the spine without the twisting or cracking traditionally associated with chiropractic adjustments. DNFT also acts on muscles and other soft tissues that work in tandem with your spine to help you “keep it all together,” literally and figuratively. DNFT affords you a safe treatment and long lasting relief.

Learn more about DNFT

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“You don’t sound like my regular doctor!” -or- “Sounds simple – and Good!” -or- “What a Relief!”

We’re here to educate and support you, not dictate or pressure. We’re not interested in complicated, expensive methods or talking you into treatment you don’t understand or want. No stress, no unwanted judgments, no invasive procedures. And not “just” pain relief! Our gentle, personalized evaluation and treatment respects that you’re so much more than a list of symptoms and complaints. We want to get to know you, support your goals, and empower you to make healthy choices.

“What a Relief!” (IF we don’t call this section “What a Relief!”)
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